Music Theory for String Players

Weekly Theory Lessons

  • Weekly lessons on Saturdays via Zoom
  • Theory I @ 9am PST
  • Theory II @ 9:30 PST
  • Access to past lessons and resources
  • Interactive
  • No homework
  • 20 lessons
  • $40 per semester

Who is this for?

These classes are for young string players who have started playing an instrument, or are just about to start. 

They are intended to supplement private instrument lessons. 

Will it help my student play better?

YES! Music theory is crucial to learn music quickly and accurately.

What if we miss a class?

It’s OK!

At the end of every session, I do a quick recap so your student can watch the lesson and catch up. 

They’ll have access to the resources too.

Should we sign up for Theory 1 or 2?

 In Theory 1 we learn about the staff, clefs, time and key signatures, basic rhythms, and how to read notes.

In Theory 2 we learn about keys, intervals, chords, and basic chord progressions. We listen to a lot of music and train our ears to hear more carefully.

If your student can read music and feels comfortable around various rhythms, they are probably ready for Theory II.

After you sign up you’ll receive the Zoom link for next Saturday’s class and be able to access past lessons.

Check out the first
couple of lessons:

Theory 1

Theory 2

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